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Fast Way - Install directly on your computer Press the button above, select the option Open. This will copy the installation file to your computer and then run it automatically to install the font file and instructions (in folder c:\Program Files\Yogafont). Check your list of fonts available in your word processing program, to see if it is there (near the bottom usually).

Slow way - Press the button above to transfer the necessary file to your computer, select the option to Save to Disk. Note the folder used to save the file. The downloaded file is called setupYF3.exe. Run this file, by double clicking it, and it will install the font on your computer, create a folder containing the instructions (default option is c:\Program Files\Yogafont). 

If your Virus protection or firewall blocks the installation file above, press this button to download the installation program in zipped up format., email me and I will send a compressed file for you to install yourself.

Press this button to download the font, yogafont.ttf and the instructions in web page format for using the font. The transmitted file is zipped up. Mac users will need to convert the font file yogafont.ttf to Mac format. Use the software available at                                                               

The above downloads contain the instructions in web format (html) which you can read on your computer, if you can read this. Some users have asked for these in PDF format, select the button below for these files.

If you experience problems, email me and I will try to help. Please describe the problem, tell me which type of computer you are using and how much you know about computers.